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Honesty is a typeface belonging to the incised family. This genre draws inspiration from Roman civilization and letters carved in stone or marble. Despite the brutality associated with the sculpting technique, Honesty’s design brings a sense of softness through its low contrast and smooth curves.

Honesty is available for purchase on the MyFonts and T26 websites.


Sincerity is a typeface characterized by high contrast and triangular serifs. It is historically inspired by the didone style. However, the aim was to bring modernity through its sharpness.

The Sincerity typeface includes 16 weights.

Sincerity is available for purchase on the MyFonts and T26 websites.


Brahmana is a contemporary sans-serif typeface identified by its playful character and original details. Its large x-height provides this friendly sans-serif with a variety of uses, ranging from titles to text editing, branding, magazines, and more. Its extensive range of glyphs, including accents, old-style figures, and ligatures, will give your designs a unique character.

Brahmana is available for purchase on MyFonts and YouWorkforThem.

Jockey Club

This project is a collaboration with Studio Thisaway. I worked with them on adapting one of my typefaces (Sincerity Stencil) to create the visual identity for the Jockey Club.

View the complete project on their website.


Gayatri is a high-contrast sans-serif typeface with soft lines and a dynamic appearance. It is recognizable by its triangular terminals.

Gayatri is available in 16 weights and can be purchased on MyFonts and YouWorkforThem.


Lakshmi is an elegant and friendly script typeface. Inspired by brush calligraphy, it adds elegance, tension, and typographic rigor to traditional scripts. It is characterized by its dynamic curves and the smoothness of its design.

Lakshmi is ideal for display, logos, titles, packaging, and advertising.

Lakshmi is available on MyFonts and YouWorkforThem.


Hécate is a contemporary serif typeface designed with sharp serifs, soft and dynamic lines, and high contrast.

Inspired by the Garalde style with its slanted axis, Hécate brings uniqueness and modernity to this more traditional style.

Hécate is available on MyFonts, YouWorkforThem and Creative Market.


Anori is a playful sans-serif typeface. Inspired by handwriting and the playful nature of italics, Anori is a dynamic typeface with high contrast and smoothness.

Anori is available on MyFonts, YouWorkforThem and Creative Market.

Honesty Sans

Honesty was the first typeface I released in 2020. It belonged to the incised genre. Two years later, I decided to publish a linear version of Honesty.

Honesty Sans retains the genre and typeface inspirations, such as Albertus or Trajan, but with a touch of softness through its low contrast and gentle curves.

Honesty Sans is available on MyFonts, YouWorkforThem and Creative Market.

I am a sacred space

« I am a Sacred Place » is a project created during a volunteering experience at a yoga studio in Bologna.

The idea was to create hand-painted posters to invite people to calm down and meditate before entering the space. It consists of three posters: « I am a Sacred Place, » « Leave Your Ego Outside, » and « Inner Vision Heals. »


This typography was created during an internship with Sebastien Sanfilippo.

It is the ExtraBold version of one of his own creations.

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