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Cinéma Bis

Cinéma Bis is a visual identity project for the Cinémathèque française. The idea was to create a strong identity for the screening of « Bis » films.

Cinéma Bis has long been rejected by critics. It is a form of subculture, unconventional, often considered to be in bad taste and of a mauvais genre.



This personal project is the report of the typography internship I completed with Sebastien Sanfilippo.

The goal was to document the creative process around typeface design.

The Girl on the train

« The Girl on the Train » is a photographic and editorial project.

By retouching the photos, I created the illusion of someone looking out of a window, provoking a double voyeuristic effect. I then made a connection with the book « The Girl on the Train, » which deals with a similar subject.

Therefore, I added excerpts from the book on the front and back covers.


Eigengrau is an exhibition at the My Monkey Gallery. Its name comes from the color that the human eye perceives in total darkness. During an internship at the gallery, I had the opportunity to work on the poster and catalog for the exhibition.

Lors d’un stage à la galerie, j’ai eu l’occasion de travailler sur le poster et le catalogue de l’exposition.


Visual for the exhibition « Fische Tourismus Plakate » at the My Monkey Gallery, used on flyers and posters.


This scientific publication is a typographic and editorial project focused on galaxies.

Designed in A4 format, it utilizes the Univers typeface family.

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